Salt City Holiday Antiques Show – November 2018

Saturday, November 17 9am-5pm – Sunday November 18 10am-5pm
Salt City Holiday Antiques Show at the Horticulture Building, New York State Fairgrounds

The Fall’s most anticipated Antiques Show event in Central NY!

Set up will begin on Thurs. Nov 15th at 4pm until 7pm and Fri. Nov. 16, 8am to 7pm.
A limited number of porters (tip) will be available to help you unload and load. The Exhibitor Entrance must be used at all times and will be open at 8am Sat and 9am Sun. Overnight parking for travel homes is provided at the North end of the building at a fee of $25 electric included. Booths will remain open for business on Sat. Nov. 17th from 9am to 5pm and Sun. Nov.18th, 10am to 5pm.

This is not a flea market. All items to be exhibited or offered for sale must be limited to those items which will be of credit to the Antiques Show. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold Allman Promotions LLC/Salt City Antiques Shows harmless for any injury, damages or loss incurred by the Exhibitor, its officers, agents or employees from theft, damage by fire, accident or any other cause whatsoever associated with the show. Exhibitor shall maintain insurance at all times covering all risks (liability, fire, theft, damage, etc.) on its property, employees and patrons. No persons, other than the exhibitors and their employees, will be allowed in the building prior to opening time each day of the show.

Please note: Location for the Salt City Holiday Antiques Show is the Horticulture Building. Exhibitors who exhibited at our March Greater Syracuse Antiques Expo have until Sept. 7th to retain previous year’s location. Location for exhibitors from last Fall’s shows will be allocated according to previous year’s preferences. Every attempt will be made to give exhibitors a satisfactory location.

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Salt City Holiday Floor Plan - 2018
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Salt City Holiday Antiques Show – November 2018