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Madison-Bouckville Still Has the Big Draw

Madison Bouckville: Antiques On A Country Road

BOUCKVILLE, N.Y. — Madison Bouckville’s week of antiques markets officially began August 13; there were, however, some fields doing business as early as August 11, with antiques, vintage home furnishings and collectibles and hundreds of shoppers poring over the earliest selections. Located along US Route 20, south of Utica and Syracuse and just north of […]

Allman Promotion’s Salt City Antiques Show

Salt City Antiques Show: 200 Exhibitors to Syracuse, January 20-21, 2018

SYRACUSE NY –  The NY State Fairgrounds Center of Progress Building in Syracuse will house more than 200 exhibitors for the January 20-21 2018 weekend at Allman Promotion’s Salt City Antiques Show. The show kicks off the new year’s season for antiques, home decor, and vintage, with the inventories of the dealers offered arriving from […]